The village of Barda  under the Mohar 11 no. Gram Panchayet has been worshipping the divine brilliance and grace of ‘Kalu Roy’, who is believed to be one of the pivotal protagonists of ancient Mangal Kavya, more than  five hundred years ago. He was mainly noted for his magical and miraculous power and practice. His temple is still crowded regularly for spiritual and religious activities.
1.    In freedom movement Sabong has the eminent role both in Non violence and violence activities since the chowkidary tax movement .The commom people were allied with this Non violence movement. Firstly Late Satish Chandra Das Adhikary of vill. Khajuri P.O. Dasagram started journey under the platform of Indian National Congress in the year 1920 , just after the Jaliwanoala Bagh movement initiated by Mahatma Gandhi on 13 th April,1919.After this period gradually the concept of freedom movement  spread  throughout  the India.  Since then Satish Ch. Das Adhikary mentally was prepared himself to enlighten the area of whole Sabong to protest the Tulsichara Mela  attrocites of the British emperor.In the year 1930 every where in the Midnapore district the mass movement was started under  the leadership of Birendranath Sasmal, Bar-at-law(Contai) against the excessive chowkidary  tax assessed by the British dynesty. In this movement Hriday Bag OF Basulia also took part in Mohar  11 no. Gram Panchayet in a protest Raley against this excessive chowkidery tax. Hriday Bag was in the front of the protest raley and shoot by the police from rifles and died on 28th August 1930 in the bank of Chandya river. In violent activities Sabong was also advanced since in the year 1928. The revolutionary leads of B.V.Group(Bengal Volunteers Group) Dinesh Gupta came from Dacca to initiate the midnapur’s youths.Firstly five students OF Midnapur Town School –Prafulla Tripathy,Phani Kundu,Parimal Kumar Ray,Haripada Bhowmik,Birendranath Das was initiated by Dinesh Gupta once in a night at Padmabatir Ghat ‘Kalimandir’ in the bank of Kangsabati river. These five youths after being initiated in the revolutionary path started their activities to organize the students within the district of undevided Midnapore.Haripada Bhowmik was basically the permanent resident of Sabong Balarampur and was admitted in the Midnapore Town School. During the period  he was the student of class xi but was very active organizer. He recruited so many students. One of his recruitment Anath Bandhu Panja who was basically the resident of Jalabindu,Sabong. He was the another  martyr. Anath Bandhu Panja of Jalabindu,Sabong 8 no. Gram Panchayet from Bengal volunteers (B.V.Group) Group in the violent way shoot the then District Magistrate Mr. E.J.Burje(3rd assassinated D.M) in Diamond Ground,Midnapore  after assassination he also shoot himself. He was martyred on 2nd September,1933.
In the Forty two quit India movement Bhupati Das of Sabong Shyamsundarpur took parts and killed by police shoot on 10th September,1942 at Bhagawanpur Thana. The total  three martyrs dedicated themselves two in Non violence and one in violent way for the noble cause of the country. Many freedom fighters of Sabong  took part in different movement and prir oned in the freedom movement.

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